MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-October 2016 Edition

October 27, 2016

Considerations Before a Presidential Election… —That a Donald Trump loss could result in a Trump TV network that would siphon viewers from Fox News. The ‘mainstream’ media has been too busy reporting on she-says-he-says and stolen e-mails to pay much attention. Good journalism is at a minimum in this campaign. —Journalistic objectivity and balance have […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-September 2016 Edition

September 26, 2016

THE FIRST DEBATE:A Political Fencing Match–Parry and Riposte— It’s all about “Like-ability”. Most people don’t remember 80-90% of what someone says 15-30 minutes after it’s said, But they do remember whether they liked or disliked the person saying it. Clinton and Trump are both very unlikable candidates. What strategies do they adopt in Monday’s debate […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-August 2016 Edition

August 16, 2016

FOX DOESN”T SAY WHAT AILES THEM— The public continues to see erosion in media ethics. Latest example is Fox News. Fox boss Roger Ailes resigned almost a month ago after charges of sexual harassment went public. A published report (Wash Post) says the folks at Fox spent about 11+ minutes of airtime talking about the […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-July 2016 Edition

June 28, 2016

AN OUT-OF-TOUCH MEDIA CAN’T GET IN TOUCH— Ed Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid must be turning over in their graves at today’s ‘media’ trying to cover, in an unbiased way, the mud fight between Hillary and Don. Very few journalists/reporters/producers can be unbiased. It’s human nature to have feelings about people and issues that carry […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-June 2016 Edition

June 8, 2016

HE BORROWED IT FROM A WHITE ‘WRASSLER’— ”I am the Greatest”…”If You Talk Jive, You’ll Fall in Five”! On July 9, 1971, almost 3 months after he lost the heavyweight title to Joe Frazier in Madison Square Garden, Muhammad Ali told my WIND radio audience how he perfected the in-your-face brashness that became his trademark. […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-May 2016 Edition

May 1, 2016

JUDGE PINS DENNY TO THE MAT— Fifteen months in prison…admitted sex offender…almost 40 years of keeping secrets about Denny Hastert’s ‘teaching techniques’ when he was the ‘rasslin’ coach at Yorkville, IL high. In this sordid case the words of federal judge Thomas Durkin say it all. “Nothing is more stunning than having the words ‘serial […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-April 2016 Edition

April 8, 2016

TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE MESSAGE— Key to a good communicator are important messages supported by stories and examples that anyone with a college diploma to a high school dropout can understand. Fences along the Mexican border…throw the Muslims out…get rid of NAFTA and other trade ‘boondoggles’…make the one-percenters pay more into the American pot…etcetcetc? […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-March 2016 Edition

March 1, 2016

NATIONAL MEDIA ‘TOOTHLESS’ WITH PREZ CANDIDATES— Go ahead, blame the media for not pressing the Presidential candidates on issue ‘specifics’. You’d be right. Can’t count on one hand network big-shot reporters who have held any of the candidates’ feet to the fire. Guess they’re afraid of being branded too ‘aggressive’ if they don’t get an […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-January 2016 Edition

January 16, 2016

CHI TRIB TRUMPS EMANUEL— What do wannabe president Donald Trump and pleasebelieveme mayor Rahm Emanuel have in common? Tough to think that the word TRUTH is in their vocabularies. The Jan. 14 front-page Trib exposes Emanuel and his flock of flacks as twisters of the truth, withholders of public information and sleazy behind-the-scenes shape shifting […]


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-December 2015 Edition

December 6, 2015

IT’S SIMPLY BLACK AND WHITE AND CYNICAL— The Laquan McDonald execution and the furor it has finally raised is the latest chapter in the immense failure of City Hall and Cook County Democratic pols to demonstrate commitment rather than conversation. You know most of this brutal story already. October, 2014 cops corner a black man […]