July 12, 2013

DEEN COOKS HERSELF—NO REPUTATION RECIPE— The “n-word”, inappropriate workplace Jokes, the political correctness of the time we live in. All contributors to the career downfall of a celebrity chef. Did Paula Deen have communications pros on her team to stop the trashing of her reputation? Nope. As sponsors and clients departed, Deen’s response was to first cancel and then appear on the “Today” show unloading her tear ducts. A communications disaster from the beginning. Once the “horse was out of the barn,” she fired her agent and her law firm and then hired a crisis media-management expert. Can she get her reputation back? Doubtful. The court of public opinion—PERCEPTION—has not been kind. The Boy Scout motto Is BE PREPARED—she wasn’t.

ASIANA AIRLINES GETS AN “F” FOR PUBLIC RESPONSE— Three days after the 777 plane crash at SF Intl Airport—the boss of Seoul-based Asiana and his staff finally showed up to face lotsa questions from the public and regulators. A primer for how-not-to-handle a growing crisis. No U.S PR/crisis representatives—no apologies here—no immediate toll-free number for families to get information—no Asiana exec locally expressing compassion and concern. Caught totally flat-footed by the crash. The court of public opinion? After such an awful response, how likely are Western flyers to jump aboard in the future?

TOP CHI COP SEZ STRATEGIES ‘WORKING’—70 SHOT OVER JULY 4th— Top cop McCarthy cites statistics that purportedly show shootings + homicides down in 2013. Despite the July 4 bloodshed, McCarthy says shootings have declined from 76 to 65 from a year earlier. He believes using social media will be an important tool in catching the drive-by shooters and other thugs. PERCEPTION? The shooting of kids + adults who get “in the way” continues to dominate stories from the West and South sides of Chicago. REALITY? People turned off to meaningless police statistics a long time ago. Media accentuates the negative because public officials have so few positive results to share.

A SPITZER AND A WEINER SERVED UP TO NYers—Eliot S. spent $80,000 for prostitutes while Gov of NY. Anthony W. plastered his anatomy all over the Internet while a Congressman. Weiner wants a 2nd chance. He’s running for mayor of NYC. Spitzer wants a 2nd chance. He’s running for NYC comptroller. Can S and W be taken as serious candidates? Do sex scandals really matter anymore? Obviously Spitzer is more than a numbers cruncher and Weiner has an impressive body of work.

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