MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-August Edition

August 28, 2013

‘LYIN’ RYAN A P-R NIGHTMARE— Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewer baseball player, could spend the rest of his life explaining why he isn’t totally stupid. In 2012 he vehemently denied he ever took PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) and blamed MLB accusations on ‘faulty’ testing. MLB showed him the evidence and suspended him for the rest of this season. Not a peep from “lyin’ Ryan. He hires a P-R professional to write a ridiculous sounding “mea culpa” that apologizes to everyone that believed his lies. A written statement can’t answer questions. Braun didn’t have the guts to face the music and answer questions. Maybe Why would have been the first question.

SAFE PASSAGE FOR HOW LONG?—Chicago cops, firemen and more than a 1,000 other city employees lined the school routes in gang-infested neighborhoods as city schools opened after summer closings, consolidations and more violence. Media was there to record the event. Will media be there Nov.6 or Jan. 15…just normal school days? Will Rahm Emanuel employ part-timers full-time to look out for kids’ safety as they go-and-return from school? The Chicago Sun-Times reports police data shows 213 wounded by gunfire and 49 murdered during last school year within a block of the routes used by students whose schools have been closed. Is this picture really part of our ‘civilized’ society and why hasn’t anyone done anything about it?

BROWNS FAN TO THE END— Scott Entsminger was a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. He died this summer. His last wish was to request his NFL team to provide pall bearers at his funeral so “the Browns can let me down one last time.” A great sense of humor goes a long way!

WHATEVER YOU THINK ABOUT BP— It appears BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) is looking for your sympathy. The despoiler of the Gulf of Mexico (Horizon-2010) is running full-page ads criticizing the settlement agreement and who’s benefiting from it. BP is trying to place the “heat” on people who don’t have legitimate $$$ claims and lawyers who represent the plaintiffs. BP says it’s already paid more than 300,000 claims totaling over $11 billion ‘to help restore the Gulf economy’. To quote part of the ads:

Whatever you think about BP, we can all agree that it’s wrong for anyone to take money they don’t deserve. And it’s unfair to all the honest, hard-working people of the Gulf for the settlement to be a boondoggle for plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Is BP really that concerned about doing the ‘right thing’ for as long as it takes? The U.S. EPA apparently isn’t convinced BP is getting shafted. The EPA, in 2012, prohibited BP from new government contracts and the ban continues. Maybe the senior folks at BP should consider a different media/PR strategy because the one they’ve been using since the Horizon debacle doesn’t seem to be making any new friends.

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