MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-October Edition

October 23, 2013

Obamacare Isn’t A Website— It took the President and his minions a V E R Y long time to admit the website created for the enrollment of Obamacare healthcare participants didn’t work. The website, touted by the administration as a one-stop marketplace for health insurance, has been a standing joke for late-night comedians as a ‘malfunction junction’ that has prevented most visitors from shopping or enrolling.

Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sibelius says she’s “focused on getting the website working right.” She adds “ we want new eyes and ears” (to fix the site). What has she been doing since Day 1? Why didn’t she bring in her A-team in the first place? Where are the Obama computer gurus?

“This isn’t a website. It’s about healthcare and affordable plans” she concluded in an interview for CNN.

Why didn’t Sibelius delay the opening of the site until it was ready-to-go?
Why didn’t Sibelius acknowledge 3-4 weeks ago there were site issues?
Why didn’t President Obama give people a ‘heads-up’ to the problems?
Perception: The administration can’t deliver on a promised website.
Reality: The site has nothing to do with healthcare in-and-of-itself but everything to do with the inept management of this complicated program. would have been the first question.

Effective crisis management is admitting the problem quickly and telling people how you’re going to solve it. It didn’t happen here. Get out in front of this problem concerning a monumental issue to so many in the U.S. Why wait for the website problem to be discovered by those who tried to use it? HHS Sec. Sibelius and those responsible for creating the site should be fired. This is REPUTATION DIMINISHMENT at its worst.


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