MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-March 2014 Edition

March 25, 2014

SCARED STIFF OF AUDIENCES BUT PRESENTINGHumans #1 fear is talking before a group of any size. Why? We think lack of confidence…lack of ‘game planning’. Who is your audience? What do they know? What do you want them to know? What do you and the audience have in common? What stories/examples will be audience ‘takeaways’? How do you tell the audience you’re aware of their concerns? How do you effectively share your credentials with them? How do you convince your audience that the presenter is #1…PowerPoint is #2? How do you effectively communicate your key message(s) with support? How do you know what questions will be asked in Q-and-A after your presentation? It’s all about STRENGTH-WARMTH-ENERGY.

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G.M. KNOWS THAT TALK ISN’T CHEAPThe “new” GM, bailed out in 2009 by Uncle $am, is in the midst of a recall crisis. Ignition switches, air bags and wiring—1.5 million cars recalled. The new CEO, Mary Barra, an up-through-the-ranks GMer, says she was never aware of the safety problems linked to at least a dozen deaths. Is Barra fostering a new responsive GM culture or is it more of the same hide-our-heads-in-the-sand mentality that G.M. is famous for? GM suffers from that political disease that has no cure—establish a committee to study the problem, report back long after the issue is off the front page and then bury the lengthy report in the company library. Maybe Toyota’s $1.2 billion fine for deceiving regulators will be an incentive for GM to change the way it manages crises? What did GM know and when did it know?

MEDIA JUDGMENT IS AN OXYMORONThe reporting of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (gone since March 8) is another reason why more people have less faith in media. Cable news channels rushing to turn no-new-information into a spectacle. Reporters and anchors with dubious insight ordered to keep the story alive. Aviation experts spending sooooo much time yakking about nothing new when “I don’t have the faintest idea what happened” would have worked and SAVED TIME. Silly, infantile, unprofessional, hilarious, outlandish are some words to describe the MH370 coverage. Toss in a pinch of social media trying to play journalist and you have the state of journalism in 2014.

PREZ IS BETWEEN A ROCK AND TWO FERNSBarack Obama on a mock talk show, “Between Two Ferns” to push young demos to sign up for Affordable Health Care. Good idea? Bad idea?

Some say ‘whatever it takes to sign up 18-34 year-olds’…others say ‘very unpresidential’. Bottom line…did it work? Thinking “out-of-the box” sometimes is a good idea.

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