MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-June 2014 Edition

June 2, 2014


The dictionary defines glossophobia as speech anxiety—the fear of public speaking. The derivation is Greek,i.e. Gloss from tongue and phobia from dread. Many experts who study what we’ll call the ‘fear factor’ in public speaking believe the heightened concern of a presenter has little to do with her/his ability to speak clearly or to be comfortable. It may be connected to something else—concern the speaker doesn’t know her/his topic well enough…concern colleagues don’t respect your knowledge or perhaps, as strange as it might sound, disapproval of a parent when the speaker was a kid. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once quipped that fear of public speaking ranked higher than death. “This means, to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

We have and are working with many presenters who have technical and non-technical skills—mid to upper-level corporate managers, engineers, researchers, lawyers, communicators. In other words SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PEOPLE. Presenters to large-medium-small audiences. Video presentations, audio presentations, in-person, conference calls. In the beginning we ask our clients one question: “What is more important—the presentation or the presenter?” After an in-depth discussion, we help open the door to Winning Presentations through the use of role-play exercises, playback and constructive critique. What do we coach? The importance of the Opening Statement, How to Connect with your Audience, Use of Your Credentials, Sharing Concern with Your Audience, the Generous Use of Stories and Examples and the Bottom Line or the ‘Take-Away’. We place emphasis on Q-and-A, Message Development, the Key Audience(s), more effective use of PowerPoint and the speaker’s Net Impression to the audience.

Give us one day of your valuable time and we’ll give you the personal one-on-one coaching and confidence to present anytime anywhere. Please call or e-mail and we’ll be pleased, at no cost, to give you a snapshot of how our program can work for your company.

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