MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-November 2014 Edition

November 10, 2014

…mid-term election musings…

CASTRATION WITH REPRESENTATION IN D.C.— Iowa Republican Senatorial candidate Joni Ernst proudly proclaimed in her TV ads she grew up a farm girl and knew how to castrate pigs. Who better, she added, to go to the U.S. Senate and ‘cut some pork’. Her Democratic opponent seemed to be flummoxed by the commercial and had no response. Watched it numerous times on Quad-Cities Iowa and Illinois television and wondered whether one of his staffers might have suggested a funny, tongue-in-cheek reply to the Ernst spot. Perhaps to repeat the words of Gen. Tony McAuliffe to the Germans at Bastogne in 1944—
Perhaps a little humor would make the deafening sounds of political commercials a bit more palatable and help make some of the candidates appear more life-like.

WINNING AND LOSING WITH CLASS— One of his political advisers should have taken Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn aside late on election night and said: “Governor, you’re losing by 150,000-plus votes to Bruce Rauner and we can’t win. You should give him a call and congratulate him and then publicly concede a tough race.” Quinn,however, played the “we have to wait until the last vote is counted” card and refused to admit losing. The next day, after the deficit grew to 170,000-plus votes Quinn quit. He won one of Illinois’ 102 counties—Cook. Quinn will be remembered, by many, as an accidental governor thanks to jailbird Rod Blago.
Easy to win with class but tougher to lose with class. Perception trumps reality again. Quinn exits stage left as a sore loser.

ILLINOIS CHECKS+BALANCES=0— Republican Governor in Springfield, Democratic House in Springfield, Democratic Senate in Springfield. The Governor can veto a bill but the Democrats can override his veto. Would you bet that any meaningful legislation can be passed into law in the next four years? Ask Vegas for the odds. And while you’re at it, ask the odds makers how many states have co-governors? The smart ones will say “just Illinois—Madigan and Rauner.”
The gerrymandering of Illinois legislative districts has made it VERY difficult for anyone but the incumbent to get elected. So who won this mid-term election?


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