MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-December 2014 Edition

December 23, 2014

…Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year…

CRINGE AND BEAR IT—Crisis Management at its worst…the NFL’s Chicago Bears.— Silent ownership, inept front-office leadership, a ‘mousy’ head coach with nothing tangible to say, a ‘franchise’ quarterback who should front an ad for Burma-Shave, a defensive coach whose tactics are offensive, an offensive coach who talks to anyone listening about his ‘uncoachable’ QB. Some things we know about the Hamsters of the Midway…a few more years of this and they’ll become as irrelevant as the Blackhawks before Rocky. And somewhere Sid Luckman is smiling.
When a problem exists…move to solve it quickly and share the solution(s) with your KEY audiences over-and-over again.

RUG SWEEPING IN WINNETKA–Once upon a time, Winnetka School District 36′s Hubbard Woods had a gym teacher named Bill Bricker. Over the years some of the boys and girls Bricker, now 94, came in contact with complained about him being too touchy/feely. Published reports indicate the top ‘educators’ in the district were aware of claims against him as early as 1968. As the Tribune points out “could have 100 children abused”. What did the top ‘educators’ consider? How about “letting sleeping dogs lie” or “statute of limitations” or “no proof.” Wonder if there’s a statue of limitations for educators who bury a “sick” problem because it wouldn’t look good…especially in an affluent community?
Time for SD #36 to step up and do ‘the right thing’. Who allowed Bricker to stay at Hubbard Woods and why?

THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN VOTER–49-year-old MIT economist Jon Gruber, one of the ‘architects’ of Affordable Care, also publicly declared the law passed because of the “huge political advantage” of the legislation’s lacking transparency. And then he referred to the IQ of folks like you and me. Uncle Sam paid him $400,000 for working on health policy computer models. The White House has distanced itself from the wonk and he has apologized, we guess, for being honest.
Scientists have revealed there is no cure for foot-in-big mouth disease. Temporary solution is wide duct tape over the mouth.

ONE QUESTION BILL COSBY HASN’T ANSWERED— ”Mr. Cosby, did you have sexual relations with any or all of those women who have come forward to confront you?”
Denials through Cosby’s lawyers or PR people won’t slow down his free-fall from a popular, public image. Eventually the truth will be told. Hey Bill, better now than later!

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