MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-April 2015 Edition

April 7, 2015

TOUGH SELLING FLOWERS IN INDIANA—The high-pitched screaming between the right and the left over Yes-Discrimination vs. No-Discrimination (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) puts Hoosier Gov. Mike Pence in a very uncomfortable place made worse by his pathetic responses to questions from ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on last Sunday’s newser. Asked by GS “if a florist in Indiana refuses to serve a gay couple on their wedding…is that legal now in Indiana..YES or NO?” Pence did the ‘dance of stupidity’ by answering “there’s been shameless rhetoric about my state and about this law”. Never answered the YES or NO question asked repeatedly by GS. If you watch the interview it was two minutes of an imbecilic guest playing dodge ball with himself. And this guy may want to be President? There is a simple message for Pence and newsmakers like him. Prep for questions you hope you don’t get asked. If you do you’ll avoid the deer-in-the-headlights look which now will always be attached to Gov. Pence. It also helps to tell the truth.

TRIB TAKES A SHOT AT TV( and radio) REPORTERS—In a Tues, March 31st editorial prior to the last debate between Mayor Rahm and Challenger Chuy, the Trib suggests some ‘gifted’ and some not-so-gifted electronic journalists try waiting for answers to their questions about the future of Chicago’s dreadful finances. “When Emanuel and Garcia try to bury you in generalities, politely note that they’re not answering the question. And when they persist in not answering directly, ask the question again. No answer? Ask again. Don’t ask another question”, said the Trib, “until they give you a specific answer.” During the one-hour ‘debate’, neither candidate truly enlightened viewers on solutions to major $$$ issues. You didn’t become a smarter voter by watching Ch 11′s ‘debate’. Which makes one wonder about the number of Chicago electronic (TV and radio) reporters who really do ask TOUGH questions for a living. Can you count them on one hand?Electronic journalism seems to have morphed into a “pictures first then facts” business. Maybe that’s why credibility is heading south.

$300 MILLION AND COUNTING—Lufthansa is now trapped in a lie of its own making. After the crash of its Germanwings flight in the French Alps killing 149, the German carrier trotted out its Chief Executive Carsten Spohr who showed compassion, care and concern for the dead and their loved ones. Spohr said the co-pilot (Andres Lubitz) was qualified to fly. No previous knowledge of his medical history. Then he “found out” from prosecutors that Lubitz has purposely crashed the plane, did have mental problems and that Lufthansa knew in 2009 Lubitz had an episode of ‘severe depression’ and suffered from suicidal tendencies. Why didn’t Lufthansa know anything about Lubitz’ mental health? Spohr joined the airline almost a year ago. He needs to find out fast why the “we know nothing” mentality of his people has put Lufthansa in a major financial pickle ($300 million+ liability claims expected).The TRUTH seems to be in short supply these days. It’s an old remedy but it works!

MOUNTAINEERS SHOW CLASS—Women’s WNIT basketball tourney, West Virginia up by 5 on Villanova with :12 to play, Villanova senior Emily Leer needs a point to make it 1000 in her career. West Va’s coach orders his team to foul Leer. They do and she makes a free throw to hit the magic number.Nice gesture…great payoff. Ms Leer will never forget.

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