MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-September 2015 Edition

September 1, 2015

ONE NO-TRUMP CAN BE A WINNING OR LOSING BID—Is Donald Trump a blowhard or a cunningly clever seer of the times? The best communicators always have a message for their audiences. Trump does. The best communicators always flavor their messages with stories and examples. Trump does. The best communicators always target a key audience for their key messages. Trump does. The best communicators already know how an audience viscerally feels about an issue. Trump does. The best communicators know what kind of a net impression they will leave behind. Trump does. Politics isn’t duplicate bridge. In one you can keep bluffing while in the other your hand is eventually called and revealed. Trump understands the subtleties of messaging. Does he have staying power? Media plays right into his hand.

A SHELF FULL OF PARTICIPATION TROPHIES—It’s novel to see some parents who eschew participation trophies for sons/daughters for simply being on a team. NFL linebacker James Harrison believes it sends the wrong message—that kids are entitled to something just because they tried their best. Same for keeping score when kids are learning a sport. Some say
too much emphasis is placed on competition. Winning and losing isn’t really important. Others, like Harrison, believe sports teach life lessons. Learning how to win and, especially, how to lose and gain from it. In life we rarely remember the score of big events but we do have memories of those moments.

THERE IS A BEEF IF YOU’RE CHICKEN—”Maybe some other time” was the tepid Twitter response from McDonald’s to a Burger King open invite to collaborate on a burger for Peace Day (Sept 21). One location-one-day-all proceeds benefiting Peace One Day. Wouldn’t it have been fun to watch that scary Burger King, mask and all, and Ronald flip burgers and bag fries for a good cause? A sense of humor is a great way to communicate a message. Words full of “corporate-ese” do not.

ATTENTION ADULTERERS..KISS AND MAKE UP—Guess those on the adultery website Ashley Madison are sweating out the breach that exposed more than 37-million users. But cheer up if you’ve been exposed. CheapAir, a discount airline, is offering a $50 travel voucher for anyone looking to get away and ‘smooth over’ problems stemming from the hack. Sometimes the truth will set you free but you have to do it by the end of the year!

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