MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-October 2015 Edition

October 3, 2015

I AM ASKING FOR YOUR TRUST—Who has been watching VW and other global car/truck makers and fact-finding claims about auto emissions? Certainly not government regulators anywhere…certainly not the media anywhere. Some of the best-know auto writers are now admitting they were duped by diesel emission numbers and so-called defeat devices. Little known fact–in 1973 VW paid $120,000 for violating emission control rules by placing a defeat device on some model cars. VW said it would make ‘management control changes’ and admitted no guilt. This is the same German crowd that, for years, didn’t think cup holders belonged in their American models because Europeans didn’t use them. What’s a REPUTATION worth once it’s wiped out? Maybe Wolfsburg should have stuck to making gas-engine Beetles and micro busses.

IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE—Sure it is in this case. WGN-TV does a Yom Kippur story and shows a graphic of a Jewish star with the word “Jude” (Jew in German) in the middle. That’s the star Nazis made European Jews wear during the Holocaust years of WWII. Ch 9 apologizes to the Chicagoland Jewish community and anyone else who watched. It asks “how can we be more sensitive?” Forget all the sensitivity, educational and training courses for it’s newsroom personnel. Try double-checking and even triple-checking graphics.
If there’s any doubt…don’t use it!!!

JUSTICE MUST BE PUTTING CORPORATIONS IN JAIL—The Justice Dpt. says it wants to focus on individuals who commit corporate crimes rather than on companies. DUH. Have any Wall Street folks spent any time in the slammer since the 2008 financial melt-down? Former AG Eric Holder was quoted as saying “No company was too big for jail”. Did he put any company or their execs in jail? And how many GM C-suiters are spending time in Club Fed after admitting ignition switch defects that led to more than 100 deaths and $900-million in fines? Living in times where powerful people take little, if any, responsibility for their actions and news media spends more time on fluff than facts.

BLACKHAWKS CAN’T ‘SUGAR KANE’ MEDIA BUST—Regardless whether Hawk star Patrick Kane is innocent or guilty of sexual assault, you never call a news (press) conference…make a statement or two and then don’t answer any questions because you’re hiding behind the ‘can’t-comment-because-the-matter-is-in-litigation’ schtick. For the normally media-on-target Hawks…this was a truly stupid event that made it seem like the good old Bill Wirtz days. If you can’t talk about the “issue”…why would you ever think about a news conference? Just don’t do it.
…and speaking of Bill Wirtz..don’t the 2015 Chicago Bears remind you of the Hawks before Rocky rescued them? The word was irrelevant.

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