MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-November 2015 Edition

November 1, 2015

UNITED IS NOT TOO MEDIA FRIENDLY— United Airlines’ reputation for poor communications took another hit when CEO Oscar Munoz suffered a heart attack and its commo folks kept a tight lip about it even to its board of directors. Said one source “the board was stymied by a lack of information” about Munoz’ condition. So were employees and investors. This follows on the heels of the Jeff Smizek departure which could have been handled better communications-wise. It’s a delicate balance between the right-of-privacy and the need for public disclosure. Maybe it’s time to update United’s How-To-Do-It-the-Right-Way policy manual.

WANNA BET IT’S LUCK AND NOT SKILL— Fantasy sports betting is under Uncle Sam’s eagle eyes because of its gigantic growth and miniscule, if any, oversight. How to strengthen controls on ‘sensitive’ (insider NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL) info. What’s more of a fantasy…thinking you’re not gambling because it’s a game of skill and not luck or suggesting Uncle Sam is getting misleading reports about the fantasizers? And we wonder about too much regulation.

CHICAGO TAXPAYERS GET THE BYRD—Former Chicago schools chief is “terribly sorry and I apologize to them” (assume school kids). Barbara Byrd-Bennett will visit Club Fed after fleecing the Windy City mayor and his brain trust of $$$ she made off of cushy contracts with folks she once worked for. She pulled almost the same scheme in Detroit but noone seemed to care. Mayor Emanuel’s comment—”she clearly took her time here to enrich herself and that is wrong.” Did anyone at City Hall do any “due diligence” including the #1 guy?

THE GERMAN DIESEL WEASELS—Corporate VW says”we knew nothing” about the diesel emissions-test-cheating. The top VW guy in the U.S said he believed “a couple of software engineers” were responsible for software that allowed 500,000 U.S. VW diesels since 2008 to trick emissions tests. Makes you want to cough up some black smoke/soot like the GM diesels of the late 70s/early 80s. VW-GM-Toyota-Takata. Do you sense a pattern of ‘no concern’ over safety issues that take and effect lives? What happened to the truth in communications?

GOP (Goofs on Parade) BLAME MEDIA—CNBC and the GOP prez debate this week. Moderators and media got bashed 14 times according to a Bloomberg/Logos profile…Trump got 10 applause/laughters, Bush got one. Fiorina spoke 10:32, Paul 6:15.
Solutions to m a n y national problems? Raise your hand if you heard any. It’s the media’s fault…always shoot the messenger!

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