MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-January 2016 Edition

January 16, 2016

CHI TRIB TRUMPS EMANUEL— What do wannabe president Donald Trump and pleasebelieveme mayor Rahm Emanuel have in common? Tough to think that the word TRUTH is in their vocabularies. The Jan. 14 front-page Trib exposes Emanuel and his flock of flacks as twisters of the truth, withholders of public information and sleazy behind-the-scenes shape shifting after the shooting of Laquan McDonald in October, 2014 by indicted cop Jason Van Dyck. Trump calling John McCain a ‘non-hero’? While the Arizona senator served his country on active duty and as a POW in Viet Nam…Trump used his college status to draft-dodge military service. You’d need a battalion of fact-checkers to follow Trump into his daily political battles where truth, much like Emanuel in Chicago, is an obvious casualty.

The forked-tongue has replaced the straight talk in our lives. The media, as the messenger, makes that abundantly clear.

TOO MUCH NOISE MADE HIM LIE— Matthias Mueller, VW’s CEO, makes a trip to the Detroit Auto Show (Jan12). When asked by an NPR reporter about the major differences in its tests and real-life emissions in his diesel cars, Mueller, with a straight face, said it was a “technical problem” and a misinterpretation of U.S. law. When it was suggested by his folks that his comments were beyond believable, Mueller went back a second time to NPR and apologized for his initial comments blaming them on ‘noisy surroundings’. He went on to add “we fully accept the (emissions) violation. There is no doubt about it.”

Is this blatant communications stupidity learned or is it inherent in so many so-called leaders today?

IN ??? DO WE TRUST— Never overestimate the intelligence of the average voter. A sage Chicago political operator told me that many years ago when I was covering city-county politics for the original WIND. Joe Ganim is the new mayor of Bridgeport, CT. He was elected after spending seven years in prison for extortion, racketeering and bribery. Prior to his stretch in the slammer, he had been the 5-term mayor of the same town. Said a 68-year-old voter “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Fool me once shame on………….

SAYING IT DOESN’T MAKE IT SO— To improve our diction in 2016, I refer to Lake Superior University’s (MI) annual list of words that should be stricken from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness. Starting an answer with the word “so”…
using the word “presser” instead of press conference (so insider-ish)…words like “physicality”, “stakeholder” and “manspreading”.

It’s the second time “so” made the list for a different reason. In 1999, it was used as a modifier , i.e. “I am so down on that list.”

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