MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-May 2016 Edition

May 1, 2016

JUDGE PINS DENNY TO THE MAT— Fifteen months in prison…admitted sex offender…almost 40 years of keeping secrets about Denny Hastert’s ‘teaching techniques’ when he was the ‘rasslin’ coach at Yorkville, IL high. In this sordid case the words of federal judge Thomas Durkin say it all. “Nothing is more stunning than having the words ‘serial child molester’ and ‘speaker of the house ‘ in the same sentence. The judge did get it right and he used a powerful quote for support. Good idea to have a memorable quote/soundbite.

WRONG GOVT NEWS IS 9′s VERY OWN Jumping to faulty conclusions, Channel 9 News kept claiming Wednesday midday that Denny Hastert, the ‘rasslin’ coach, was not going to get jail time for what he had done…just “supervised release”. Inaccurate because the judge hadn’t handed down a sentence yet.
When the egg had firmly dried on their news’ faces, a Ch 9 spokesperson admitted the error but said the story was updated when they got the latest info. Huh? Credibility lost is a very tough commodity to regain. Ask BP.

GENTLE BEN STRIKES THE WRONG NOTE— Whose ‘kisser’ should be on the face of the $10 bill?, former presidential candidate Ben Carson was asked on Fox Business News. ” I love Harriet Tubman. I love what she did,” he said. Then he added “but we can find another way to honor her. Maybe a $2 bill?”
The $2 bill was last issued 13 years ago. Always have a Key Message in mind before you put your tongue in gear.

A $13 MILLION TWITTER— Today(Thursday 4/28) is Take Your Child to Work Day. Former White Sox infielder Adam LaRoche walked away from lotsa money in spring training when Sox management asked him to remove his 14-year-old son from the clubhouse. It caused a fleeting furor culminating with LaRoche’s retirement. Probably with tongue planted firmly in teeth..LaRoche tweeted people not to forget to take their kids to work. Humor in external/internal communications adds a needed smile to stressful days.

DRINKING FROM THE TAP NOW— Michigan Guv Rick Snyder is finally drinking Flint’s water. After the lead-tainted public drinking water issue went public, Snyder said he was not aware of the problem. He’s come under fire for being very s l o w to react. Now he’s drinking filtered water from a Flint home he visited a couple of weeks ago. He refills his water supply each week. “I understand why some Flint residents are hesitant to drink the water. I am hopeful I can alleviate some of the skepticism and mistrust, “Snyder said.
His words might have had more IMPACT last fall then six months later. Crisis communications by-words are CARE, CONCERN and COMPASSION. Lead from the front.

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