MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-July 2016 Edition

June 28, 2016

AN OUT-OF-TOUCH MEDIA CAN’T GET IN TOUCH— Ed Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid must be turning over in their graves at today’s ‘media’ trying to cover, in an unbiased way, the mud fight between Hillary and Don. Very few journalists/reporters/producers can be unbiased. It’s human nature to have feelings about people and issues that carry over into news coverage. You pick the network or cable operation. If you can’t select either the right bias or left bias within the first two minutes you’re not the sharpest tack in the box. Liberal reporters don’t know how to cover Trump. He belittles them and they can’t box him in with ‘gotcha’ questions. What to do? The frustrated reporters have resorted to cleverly placing analysis within their stories (without labeling). The result? Fewer viewers, readers and listeners trust the traditional media anymore because these jokers-of-journalism can’t hide their feelings and show their true colors. THERE IS ONLY BALANCE IN REALLY GOOD JOURNALISM. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BEING UNBIASED. MEDIA AND THE PUBLIC CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE ANYMORE.

INCISIVE VIEWS ABOUT BREXIT AS THE MARKETS TUMBLE— Two opinions on why Britain is leaving the EU which centers on the world we live in. Drew Scott, professor of EU Studies at Edinburgh University: “the campaign has been riven with half-truths and falsehoods on both sides. We don’t seem to worry about the truth anymore—it’s just about winning and losing.”
British commentator Clive Crook: “Liberals and conservatives who make a living from politics, or love it as an end in itself, pronounce tirelessly on liberty and social justice and the deep constitutional principles at stake in federal bathroom policy. The rest of the country doesn’t care about this permanent war of ideas and worries more about holes in the road, what’s going on in the schools, depleted retirement savings, and the latest hike in health-insurance deductibles…as to whether politics as usual has failed the country and something needs to change, I’d definitely start paying attention to those people. On that important point, they’re absolutely right.” 

THE TRUTH BE TOLD— Golden State went 73-9 in the NBA regular season under coach and former Bull Steve Kerr. They lost the championship to Cleveland in 7 games. When asked why his team lost, Kerr replied “shots were hard to come by and the few we did have (7th game) that were open we weren’t able to knock down. They were a better team.”  THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS SO REFRESHING THESE DAYS.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT— Pew Research Center reports that, for the first time in the modern ear, young adults (18-34) are more likely to room with Mom and Dad rather than coupling up in their own households. First time it’s happened, says Pew, since 1880. WHO SAYS TIMES HAVEN’T CHANGED?

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