MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-August 2016 Edition

August 16, 2016

FOX DOESN”T SAY WHAT AILES THEM— The public continues to see erosion in media ethics. Latest example is Fox News. Fox boss Roger Ailes resigned almost a month ago after charges of sexual harassment went public. A published report (Wash Post) says the folks at Fox spent about 11+ minutes of airtime talking about the story. No discussions, no frothy hosts yowling, no comments from the big shots. Come to think of it, NBC did the same thing when it booted top news anchor Brian Williams who had committed the sin of telling people he was where he wasn’t. Williams was vacationed for a few months and then exiled to a foreign post on cable news. Reporting on yourself is excruciatingly tough. If you do you increase confidence in journalism as a noble profession. If you don’t, the profession gets another black eye.

SCAPEGOATING MEDIA IS OLD NEWS— When the defecation hits the ventilation, public figures need someone to blame. So why not the media? It’s as old as Methuselah. The old testament says “reporters, editors report the news…they don’t make it.” The new testament says that’s hogwash. If you can blame print, TV, radio and social media for your stupidity…do it! When you throw mud against a wall some of it will stick. But, in the end, it’s still mud.
“If the disgusting and corporate media covered me honestly and didn’t put false meaning into the words I say, I would be beating Hillary by 20%,”
The trump-et continues to blast discordant notes. Time for new music.

A C.R.O FOR THE CITY THAT ‘WORKS’— Mayor Rahm and his team can’t seem to do much right these days if you believe what you read and see. Crime, bad ed in poor areas, unhappy school teachers, gigantic tax hikes, repressed cop videos etcetcetc. But the city has hired a Chief Resilience Officer whose job it is to develop future strategies to address everything from crime, poverty, natural disasters and aging infrastructure. He’s Aaron Koch. His experience?
For the past four years he was the Deputy Commish of the city’s Dept. of Water Management.
Resilience officers? An idea created by the Rockefeller Foundation. It’s paying Koch’s salary for two years as well as software and networking expenses.
Wishful thinking or the kernel of a good idea? Depends on transparency and media coverage.

IF YOU SAY IT…YOU OWN IT— Maybe second thoughts can prevent first babbles?

  • “uncomfortable and unorthodox” Chris Sale on White Sox 1976 throwback unis
  • “I can’t imagine what the country would be—with Donald Trump as our President” Supreme Court Justice Ruth B. Ginsburg
  • “I didn’t get into golf to try and grow the game” Rory McIlroy on why he skipped golfing for Ireland in the Olympics.
  • “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material…” Hillary Clinton 3/10/2015

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