MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-October 2016 Edition

October 27, 2016

Considerations Before a Presidential Election…

—That a Donald Trump loss could result in a Trump TV network that would siphon viewers from Fox News. The ‘mainstream’ media has been too busy reporting on she-says-he-says and stolen e-mails to pay much attention. Good journalism is at a minimum in this campaign.

—Journalistic objectivity and balance have taken a pounding from highly partisan news sources and the general public because there is no middle-of-the-road media position in 2016. How many disseminators of news can you consider even-handed in the gathering, writing and reporting of news in this election cycle? (include social media news bloggers in your assessment).

—In this election campaign, there is a great demand from the media for highly opinionated one-sided information that supports the viewers/readers/listeners views.                                P O L A R I Z A T I O N. Who wins?

—Many similarities to the 1964 presidential election between Johnson and Goldwater. “Extremism in the pursuit of…” vs. the TV commercial of a pretty, little girl holding a flower and being obliterated by a nuclear blast in the background. Perhaps in the past 52 years technology has raced forward and civil discourse has plunged backward?

—A personal thought after early voting this week. The tremendous number of candidates for legislative and judicial offices running unopposed. I can never recall so many one-party choices. Democracy in inaction.

—Do you miss the ‘good old days’ when radio and TV talk show guests argued over serious social issues…the host(hostess) prodded both sides and the audience came away smarter for it all. It’s almost extinct like coal.

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