MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-March 2017 Edition

March 5, 2017

IF YOU WANT IT…TAKE IT—Recently we had a client appearing on a national cable (CNN) split-screen news interview program about a local issue. Our counsel? Do some homework about the host, his style and demeanor. The other guest. Who is she and what is her background? Who is your key audience? What is your key message? What story/example will you use to ‘put icing’ on the message? When you are introduced, thank him for the invitation…look into the lens of the camera with a smile on your face and take control of the interview right from the git-go. He did and was a clear winner. Homework+ an interview plan=SUCCESS.

AND THE LOSER IS “P-C”—Brian Cullinan. Know the name? He’s the PwC accountant who handed out the wrong best pic envelope at the Academy Awards. Since then he’s been reassigned from his annual gig. Used to be in the ‘old days’ you made a mistake, admitted it, learned from it and life went on. In the ‘new days’ you make a mistake, you are publicly embarrassed and thrown to the wolves. Political correctness in its worst form. An Oscar mistake…MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

KIDS AND THE FUTURE OF THE BUS THEY RIDE ON—BA school bus transportation expert (client of ours) knocked the sox off of an early morning Chicago radio interview by being enthusiastic and eager to share info about the future of school buses with her key audience–parents. She talked about bus safety, smarts and environment with great examples to make her point. The host asked good questions and then GOT OUT OF THE WAY which is what a great interview is supposed to sound like. The host wants the guest to engage the audience so they don’t flip to another station. Interviewers appreciate guests who fill up time and space with good stuff. Lousy guests leave early.

A LIBRARY TEACHES COMMON SENSE—The public library in N. Bend, Oregon is teaching a series of classes called “Adulting 101″. Somebody’s great idea to help kids transition from little person-to-big person thinking so they don’t have to call Mom or Dad for help. How to balance a checkbook…making a dorm room grilled cheese sandwich with an iron…setting a budget and onandonandon. And a class in” How to Understand REAL news on the Internet”. The hope is that this class is Standing Room Only with just as many adults as kids.

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