MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-April 2017 Edition

April 7, 2017

REAL JOURNALISM IS STILL ALIVE IN HIGH SCHOOL—Dr. Amy Robertson was hired by the Pittsburg, Kansas school board to become the principal of Pittsburg High. Six members of the school paper, “The Redux” decided to check out her credentials. They found no evidence she got Masters or Doctorate degrees from an accredited university. “There were some things that just didn’t add up,” said one of the sleuths, 17-yr-old Connor Balthazor. In the face of overwhelming evidence Robertson was a fraud, the school board accepted her resignation this week. “We’re at a loss that something easy for them to see couldn’t be seen by adults. You would expect your authority figures to find this,” Balthazor quipped.
There is hope for the future of real journalism and an end to the fakery of the present.

WHY THE FED IS LOSING ITS ‘CRED’—The president of Richmond’s Federal Reserve Bank resigned this week after admitting he leaked confidential Fed internal financial info to an analyst. The Wall Street Journal reported the breach occurred in Oct 2012. Subsequent inquiries by the government and Congressional Republicans yielded a criminal probe of Jeff Lacker as late as 2015. In February, 2016 , Lacker is reappointed to a new 5-year term as president. This January he says he will retire in October.
If you follow the timeline, why didn’t Lacker get called out by the Fed or Congress or Ben Bernanke or Janet Yellin for what he did and his cover-up? Surprising public faith in government is so L O W?

IN LIKE FLYNN—Would you give Mike Flynn immunity from prosecution for telling the truth about his dealings with the Russians before and after the Trump transition? Smoking out people who speak with ‘forked tongue’ seems to be the new best-selling national sensation. Even more popular than personality news!
A retired 3-star general…34-years of service to his country…leader of men. Wants a ‘pass’ to tell the truth.

SPARTANS DUNK FREE SPEECH—Michigan State has banned white boards on dorm-room doors because the dry-erase boards, intended for messages like “Taking a Nap” or “Am at Library” are also repositories for hate and bullying scribblings. An MSU spokesman said “We are in an emotionally charged time. We have 50,000 students from all walks of life, all different races, religions and socio-economic classes.”
What’s the message here? Who is the key audience? Politically-correct solves nothing. Maybe catch the scrawlers?

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