MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-June 2017 Edition

June 23, 2017

YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH—The Redskins can stay with Washington…Chief Wahoo lives on in Cleveland but, alas, Chief Illini is no longer around to witness the Supreme Court unanimous (8-0) decision to confer free speech status to an Asian-American rock band called ‘Slants’. Lately ‘political correctness’ has grown like a virus and has threatened a basic First Amendment principle: SPEECH MAY NOT BE BANNED BECAUSE THE LANGUAGE OFFENDS. A victory for plain talk, sometimes distasteful, but preferred by the Justices to self-censorship. The Wall Street Journal points out that the Washington Post polled native Americans’ feelings about the Redskins logo. The percentage who were offended was 9%. The rest checked “doesn’t bother me”!
A clear message to the so-called “progressives” who have been battling in media, sports as well as some college and high school campuses to ban talk they define as offensive. Americans remain able to think for themselves.

WHEN GROWN-UPS ACTED LIKE CHILDREN—A 4-year high school class president, valedictorian and commencement speaker at a small Wilkes Barre, PA consolidated school district. Peter Butera praised teachers and administrators who ‘made a difference’…then criticized other teachers, administrators and school board members for an “authoritative attitude” that prevented students from developing as leaders. “It is not what we have done as Wyoming (Pa) students that will define our lives but what we will go on to do as Wyoming area alumni,” he said. When his words got ‘testy’, the adults cut his microphone but social media + networks gave him the play he didn’t seek.
Communications is two-way.
TALKING and LISTENING. Too much of the former and not enough of the latter.

WE NEED A DOCTOR’S rx TO CURE INCIVILITY—Two customers at a suburban Chicago auto dealership argue about changing channels in the waiting room. The owner says “it got ugly.” MSNBC, Fox, CNN are off-limits, says the dealer, “until the political climate cools down.”
When did our political leadership train jump the tracks leaving only the far right and far left cars standing and the the middle derailed?

EDUCATED TO BE TRAINED OR TRAINED TO BE EDUCATED—A former college president and economist says “people can’t just afford to be educated they almost have to be trained”. He believes colleges/universities should spend less time on humanities and more on nursing, engineering and business. How about more time too on vocational studies for those who want to learn a skilled craft? Maybe a return to today’s versions of shop and home ec.
The suggestion here is less on life’s meaning and more on making a living.

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