MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-February 2018 Edition

February 18, 2018

BAD NEWS FLOWS WHEN RESPONSE IS BOTCHED—Are there any communications experts in the White House? The Rob Porter ‘scandal’ for example. Apparently no sufficient background check on this guy to merit a security clearance. What senior White House guys/gals knew what was going on? Did they share that info with internal or external commo people? Doesn’t look like it. So it makes spokeswoman Sanders look like a complete buffoon because she doesn’t know what’s up or down. Why? The folks who know aren’t ‘sharing’. Senior White House people should be talking to the national media explaining and defending the background check. Key crisis commo component…everyone on the same page with the SAME KEY MESSAGE.

SIMON SAYS NO NASSAR COVER-UP AT MICH ST—Forced out as prez of MSU, Lou Anna Simon suggested “as tragedies are politicized” someone has to take the blame. Was she that deaf to the complaints through the years about Dr. Larry Nassar? Was she unaware her own people didn’t inform the feds (2014) about accusations against the gymnast doc? Did she ever ask whether football coach Dantonio or hoops boss Izzo were aware of sexual harassment issues involving their players and actions they were taking? Sadly Michigan State has become the Penn State of 2018. Could it have been avoided? You can try to bury a story and hope it goes away OR you can get in front of the bad news and demonstrate actions to solve the problem. Too bad top educators ask for advice from their ‘commo experts’ and are betrayed. Reputations are tougher to reclaim than expensive lawyers.

DON’T BANK ON WELLS FARGO—This bank has already admitted it opened accounts for customers without asking. And now it says it sent out 38,000 erroneous communications to customers that it forced to buy unneeded auto insurance. And it also sent refunds to people who weren’t the bank’s customers. As for WF’s tone-deaf spokesperson? Her response…”We are focused on making things right for our customers and ensuring this large-scale remediation happens correctly and as quickly as possible.” Sometimes it’s better to speak plain English that bureaucratic babble.

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