audio-visual capability

The Dave Baum Media Training Group believes that client training programs, including role-play interviews, should be as life-like as possible.

Gordon Rinda is Director of Audio-Visual Presentation for media spokesperson training, crisis communications and presentation skills enhancement programs.

He is a recording engineer, television news-camera operator, ENG editor, audio-visual training technical expert. He leads an A-V team that makes our clients look better and sound better.

Our Audio-Visual training capabilities include:

  • News-ready cameras
  • TV set lighting kits
  • Video and audio mixers
  • Microphones (cordless, lavaliere, table, overhead)
  • DVD and CD authoring for clients
  • ENG (electronic news gathering)
  • Live switching for satellite/split-screen TV interviews
  • AVID non-linear video editing system

The Dave Baum Media Training Group’s Audio-Visual capabilities are world-wide. Our A-V has supported programs in the United States, Europe, China, India, Canada and Mexico.