Media Training

How to Do Business with the Media and WIN has been the foundation of The Dave Baum Media Training Group’s informative, interactive and fun Media Spokesperson Training program.

Clients are shown:

  • How reporters, editors, producers think
  • Why clients must use successful business tools to be successful with media
  • How clients can anticipate and fulfill media needs and help the reporter, editor, producer succeed—in turn the client succeeds. WIN-WIN!
  • How a story is put together for TV, print, radio, internet
  • How a client can influence a reporter’s story ‘angle’
  • How to anticipate every question a reporter asks long before the interview
  • Why a client must have a message for every interview
  • How to develop single or multiple messages for an interview
  • Why being a “storyteller” gives the reporter what he/she needs to be successful
  • How to become a trusted resource for media—it’s called networking in business
  • How to control Q-and-A with confidence by giving the reporter answers and great supporting information which makes great quotes for print and lengthy soundbites for TV and radio.

Reality role-play interviews give our clients an advantage when the ‘real thing’ comes along. Client interviews are conducted in this menu of media dynamics:

  • SATELLITE/SPLIT SCREEN Television (two locations–client and reporter)
  • Sit-Down Television News on a set
  • Sit-Down Television Talk w/calls
  • Stand-Up Television News
  • Telephone Print/Magazine
  • Face-to-Face Print/Magazine
  • Telephone Radio News
  • Telephone Radio Talk w/calls
  • Press Conferences
  • Testimony Training (hearings, boards, government)

Every role-play interview is followed by replay, constructive one-on-one critique and a personalized DVD with all the client’s role-plays on it.