The Dave Baum Media Training Group provides a hands-on, energetic Presentation Skills Enhancement program for clients that gives presenters greater confidence and control of their presentation with or without Power Point or other audio/visual supplements. The Presenter is Number One.

We help clients better understand issue presentation, audience make-up, their perceptions (true or false), what the client really wants them to know or persuade the audience to do and why the audience net impression of the client is paramount to success. We also show clients how to succeed in the important Q-and-A after presentations when a major mistake could wipe out a very positive perception.

We share presentation skills aesthetics with clients…wardrobe, make-up, podium use, moving among the audience, the DOs and DON’Ts of rear-screen visuals, personalizing, story-telling. connecting with the audience.

Our role-plays include videotaped client presentations followed by Q-and-A, playback and constructive critique.