“I’ve worked with Dave and Anne at three major companies over the past 10 years and continue to be impressed with how well they connect with their audience – no matter what the level — and provide training theory and skills in a way that engages participants (including me), motivates them to succeed and transforms their ability to communicate. Nearly everyone I put through Dave and Anne’s course have commented that they not only use the skills they learned with the media but in many other interactions. As media trainers, Dave and Anne stand out from the pack and always come through for me.”

Anita Liskey
Managing Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications
CME Group

“Dave’s method to dealing with the media and his approach to sharing that knowledge resonate with every level of management, right up to the chairman and chief executive officer.  His ability to share his knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in several particular situations and, more importantly, has made each of my managers a more effective communicator, no matter the situation.”

Dan Kubera
Director – Media Relations and Corporate Communications
Brunswick Corporation

Since 2001, Dave Baum has played a critical role in working with the American Library Association’s Public Information Office to prepare the ALA President to effectively advocate for the organization with national media. His day-long media relations training session has enabled ALA leaders to communicate our key messages in a focused, clear and persuasive fashion. To date, Dave has trained six ALA presidents, and dozens of divisional presidents, as well as ALA staff. His energetic, straightforward and humorous style is well received and generates excellent ratings from participants in his sessions. He will help take your spoke person to the next level and beyond.

Mark Gould
American Library Association’s Public Information Office

I’ve been working with Dave Baum and his team of media professionals since 1994 and I am consistently impressed with the results of his training sessions.  In the hospital setting, the need to have prepared spokepersons is vital.  It’s so reassuring to know that your administrators feel confident in handling crisis communications and are prepared to address the media in any situation.  Anyone interested in creating an effective public relations/communications program for their organization needs to incorporate Dave Baum’s sessions into their plans.

Maureen Erin Daugherty
Communications and Government Relations
Advocate South Suburban Hospital

The Dave Baum Media Training Group continues to play a key role in Tenneco’s successful executive positioning and strategic media relations programs globally. It starts with Dave, who is, by far, the best media counselor I have worked with in my 20+ year career. His preparation is second to none, and his business focused process approach and disarming personality enables him to immediately connect with our executives. The role plays are extremely realistic and produce an excellent learning environment. Dave has trained more than 60 Tenneco executives worldwide, from Chicago to Shanghai, Brussels to Buenos Aires. The end result is always the same: our executives leave the program with a better understanding of how the media game is played–one in which they are confident and well prepared to win.

Jim Spangler
Vice President, Global Communications
Tenneco Inc.