why we’re different

Since 1973, The Dave Baum Media Training Group’s philosophy has been to show clients how to do business with media and WIN!

Since we are the reporters, editors and producers who ask questions for TV, print, radio, internet—we believe it’s very important for newsmakers to know how we think. Our clients quickly understand how a reporter thinks:

  • How a story is put together
  • How the story ‘angle’ can be positively affected by the client
  • Where the client fits into the story
  • Why storytelling is paramount to success
  • Why it’s important for our clients to help reporters write or broadcast GREAT stories and they, in turn, will help our clients reach targeted audiences

We interview our clients in realistic conditions, play the interviews back and constructively critique in one-on-one sessions. The questions we ask are the questions interviewers will ask. We show our clients how to anticipate questions about difficult issues…how to be ready for questions outside the boundaries of the conversation.

The Dave Baum Media Training Group guarantees to give our clients the Confidence and Control to work with reporters, editors and producers and enjoy success by using the same sound business criteria they use everyday.