MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-October 2015 Edition

October 3, 2015

I AM ASKING FOR YOUR TRUST—Who has been watching VW and other global car/truck makers and fact-finding claims about auto emissions? Certainly not government regulators anywhere…certainly not the media anywhere. Some of the best-know auto writers are now admitting they were duped by diesel emission numbers and so-called defeat devices. Little known fact–in 1973 VW paid $120,000 for violating emission control rules by placing a defeat device on some model cars. VW said it would make ‘management control changes’ and admitted no guilt. This is the same German crowd that, for years, didn’t think cup holders belonged in their American models because Europeans didn’t use them. What’s a REPUTATION worth once it’s wiped out? Maybe Wolfsburg should have stuck to making gas-engine Beetles and micro busses.

IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE—Sure it is in this case. WGN-TV does a Yom Kippur story and shows a graphic of a Jewish star with the word “Jude” (Jew in German) in the middle. That’s the star Nazis made European Jews wear during the Holocaust years of WWII. Ch 9 apologizes to the Chicagoland Jewish community and anyone else who watched. It asks “how can we be more sensitive?” Forget all the sensitivity, educational and training courses for it’s newsroom personnel. Try double-checking and even triple-checking graphics.
If there’s any doubt…don’t use it!!!

JUSTICE MUST BE PUTTING CORPORATIONS IN JAIL—The Justice Dpt. says it wants to focus on individuals who commit corporate crimes rather than on companies. DUH. Have any Wall Street folks spent any time in the slammer since the 2008 financial melt-down? Former AG Eric Holder was quoted as saying “No company was too big for jail”. Did he put any company or their execs in jail? And how many GM C-suiters are spending time in Club Fed after admitting ignition switch defects that led to more than 100 deaths and $900-million in fines? Living in times where powerful people take little, if any, responsibility for their actions and news media spends more time on fluff than facts.

BLACKHAWKS CAN’T ‘SUGAR KANE’ MEDIA BUST—Regardless whether Hawk star Patrick Kane is innocent or guilty of sexual assault, you never call a news (press) conference…make a statement or two and then don’t answer any questions because you’re hiding behind the ‘can’t-comment-because-the-matter-is-in-litigation’ schtick. For the normally media-on-target Hawks…this was a truly stupid event that made it seem like the good old Bill Wirtz days. If you can’t talk about the “issue”…why would you ever think about a news conference? Just don’t do it.
…and speaking of Bill Wirtz..don’t the 2015 Chicago Bears remind you of the Hawks before Rocky rescued them? The word was irrelevant.


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-September 2015 Edition

September 1, 2015

ONE NO-TRUMP CAN BE A WINNING OR LOSING BID—Is Donald Trump a blowhard or a cunningly clever seer of the times? The best communicators always have a message for their audiences. Trump does. The best communicators always flavor their messages with stories and examples. Trump does. The best communicators always target a key audience for their key messages. Trump does. The best communicators already know how an audience viscerally feels about an issue. Trump does. The best communicators know what kind of a net impression they will leave behind. Trump does. Politics isn’t duplicate bridge. In one you can keep bluffing while in the other your hand is eventually called and revealed. Trump understands the subtleties of messaging. Does he have staying power? Media plays right into his hand.

A SHELF FULL OF PARTICIPATION TROPHIES—It’s novel to see some parents who eschew participation trophies for sons/daughters for simply being on a team. NFL linebacker James Harrison believes it sends the wrong message—that kids are entitled to something just because they tried their best. Same for keeping score when kids are learning a sport. Some say
too much emphasis is placed on competition. Winning and losing isn’t really important. Others, like Harrison, believe sports teach life lessons. Learning how to win and, especially, how to lose and gain from it. In life we rarely remember the score of big events but we do have memories of those moments.

THERE IS A BEEF IF YOU’RE CHICKEN—”Maybe some other time” was the tepid Twitter response from McDonald’s to a Burger King open invite to collaborate on a burger for Peace Day (Sept 21). One location-one-day-all proceeds benefiting Peace One Day. Wouldn’t it have been fun to watch that scary Burger King, mask and all, and Ronald flip burgers and bag fries for a good cause? A sense of humor is a great way to communicate a message. Words full of “corporate-ese” do not.

ATTENTION ADULTERERS..KISS AND MAKE UP—Guess those on the adultery website Ashley Madison are sweating out the breach that exposed more than 37-million users. But cheer up if you’ve been exposed. CheapAir, a discount airline, is offering a $50 travel voucher for anyone looking to get away and ‘smooth over’ problems stemming from the hack. Sometimes the truth will set you free but you have to do it by the end of the year!


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-June 2015 Edition

June 29, 2015

MR ROBERTS STEERS A COURSE—Affordable Care continues thanks to a 6-3 Supreme Court decision shepherded by Chief Justice John Roberts who disappointed conservatives for the second time (2012—joined with liberal justices to uphold the health law). Roberts befuddles the left-center and right. “I don’t know that you can label the guy in any way, shape or form right now,” says an Arizona Republican congressman. It’s clear Justice Roberts wants The Supremes to stay out of policy-making which is the domain of Congress. In 2005 at his confirmation hearing he said being a judge was the same as being an umpire—you call strikes and balls but your job isn’t to determine the game’s outcome. ISN’T IT REFRESHING IN THESE CONFUSING TIMES THAT EVERYONE CAN’T BE LABELLED?

UNITED EARNS WORST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MARK—Almost two weeks ago, a United Chicago-to-London flight was diverted to Goose Bay, Canada and passengers spent a night in a remote Canadian military barracks. The almost 24-hour ‘airline burp’ was because of an unspecified mechanical issue. Lack of passenger information and a diversion to New Jersey brought a belated apology and ticket refund from the folks in the friendly skies who ranked last in the 2015 J.D. Power customer satisfaction ranking among major U.S. airlines. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF AN AIRLINE WHICH SHOULD HAVE IMMEDIATELY ADMITTED IT FOULED UP…TAKEN CARE AND COMMUNICATE WITH PASSENGERS AND QUICKLY FIX THE PROBLEM. NOT DONE WELL.

SPRAY PAINT AND CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS—Vandals spray-painted monuments in St. Louis’ Forest Park this week dedicated to the leaders and soldiers of the Confederacy. Are the monuments to Southern citizen-soldiers racist? Are they painful reminders to what happened in nearby Ferguson, Missouri earlier this year? Should Confederate flags be banned everywhere? How does the South and North resolve the past, present and future? SOMETIMES MODERN-DAY MEDIA IS ILL-PREPARED TO PRESENT MORE THAN ONE OR TWO SIDES OF AN ISSUE. THIS IS ONE.

SHADES OF THE ‘GOOD OLD’ DAYS—Remember 2006 + 2007+2008 when faulty bank lending led to foreclosures and bankruptcies? When terms like “underwater” took on painful meaning. The Wall St. Journal reports a new wave of nonbank lenders is bringing risky buyers back into the housing market. The lenders, says the paper, are targeting borrowers who have recently gone through a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. Estimates are it will be a $5 billion biz in 2015. CAVEAT EMPTOR. IS THE LOCAL MEDIA COVERING THIS OR MORE INTERESTED IN FOLLOWING LORD STANLEY’S CUP?

QUAFFING FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC SUDS—Check the label of your favorite ‘imported’ beer. Probably brewed in the U.S. Becks, Fosters, Red Stripe—made in St. Louis. Becks, made by InBev, might give a $50 rebate soon because of misleading advertising/promotion. THANK GOODNESS FOR BLATZ—NO TOMFOOLERY HERE.


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-May 2015 Edition

May 26, 2015

THESE DAYS A GOOD NAME IS EVERYTHING—Tom Brady, Alex Rodriguez, Gov. Blago, BP, Takata. How important is reputation to an individual or company? Recent surveys show that more than half of corporate boards of directors said reputational risk was an important topic of boardroom discussions coming in second only to regulatory compliance risk. A company’s brand is an asset. It may not show up on a balance sheet but it can have an effect on earnings, share price and the sustainability of a company. Communications in a crisis? Usually an afterthought in the executive suite. Reacting appropriately and with repetition in a time of crisis can mitigate damage to a reputation. Sometimes what goes wrong isn’t nearly as bad as the company’s poor reaction. It’s not the mistake but how you respond to it. Ask airbag manufacturer Takata who tried to ‘bury’ manufacturing defects and now is fighting for its life. BP, five years after the Horizon Gulf oil spill, looking for sympathy in its cash settlements with claimants and finding little. Have a discipline in place (operations and communications) to do things right the first time.

GEORGIE PORGIE PUDDIN’ AND PIE.—What George Stephanopoulos is not. He’s not a journalist or reporter. He’s a PR guy that ABC fell in love with after he left the Clinton White House where he served Bill as a strategist and mouthpiece. Only lately did Steph, ABC News chief anchor, reveal his $75,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation while he was ‘covering’ Hillary’s presidential campaign. “I now believe that directing personal donations to that foundation was a mistake,” he said. Guys like Brian Williams and George Steph are the sign posts of network news credibility? Thank goodness Cronkite and Murrow aren’t around to see this. The only credential a news person has is credibility. Once lost almost NEVER recovered.

IN NEBRASKA TIL DEATH DO US PART—The Nebraska unicameral legislature has voted to abolish the death penalty. Liberals hailed it as Cornhusker conservatives finally ‘seeing the light’. A Huffington Post reporter quoted Amnesty Intl. as saying it was “ a courageous step forward for human rights.” Nope. The reason for the vote? Noone has been put to death in Nebraska since 1997 because of appeals, injection replaced the electric chair in 2008 and the state has been unable to acquire lethal drugs. The vote had everything to do with a waste of Nebraska taxpayer $$$ rather than an eye-for-an-eye. Fact checking overcomes very lazy journalism.


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-May 2015 Edition

April 30, 2015

WASTING WORDS WITHOUT A MESSAGE—” A very delicate balance while we try to make sure they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Taken out of context she claims. You decide. What is the message? Who is the audience? What did the mayor want the reaction of her key audience(s) to be? Bottom line…never communicate in a crisis situation without a key message that is clear, repeatable and can’t be taken out of context.

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME…TAKE ME OUT TO THE CROWD—Can’t buy any peanuts or Crackerjacks because there won’t be any vendors to sell them to fans because there won’t be any fans at the White Sox-Orioles baseball game today (4-29) at Camden Yards in riot-torn Baltimore. Is this all about the players’ safety or about $$$$? Other venues with fans (Washington-Tampa Bay) were available but baseball chose to set a new precedent—first major league baseball game ever to be played without fans. This after MLB had just seen fans ordered to stay inside Camden Yards (last Sunday) when trouble was near and two game cancellations (Mon-Tues) of this week. Were there alternatives to this sandlot-like plan? What is baseball’s real message to its fans?

BLUE BELL BOSS PICKS RIGHT FLAVOR—One of the nation’s largest ice cream makers, Blue Bell, voluntarily recalls its product in 23 states because of a listeria outbreak (4-21). It’s Texas-based Chief Exec Paul Kruse, in a video and written statement, gets an A+ for saying “the company was heartbroken and committed to fixing the problem. We’re going to do the 100% right thing and the best way to do that is to take all of our products off the market until we are confident they are all safe.” (8 million gallons of ice cream products recalled). Doing the ‘right thing’ early and often is a communications key that sends the right message to your customers, dealers, suppliers.

THE PRICE IS WRONG—Cincinnati Reds baseball manager Bryan Price went on a profanity-laced tirade in a pre-game briefing with reporters. It lasted 5 ½ minutes replete with 77 uses of the “F” word or a variant and 11 uses of a vulgar term for feces. He bested former Cubs manager Lee Elia’s famous 1983 rant against fans. Price a vulgarity every 3.7 seconds…Elia 3.9. Reason for the implosion? He didn’t want reporters doing their jobs. In business + sports…many times a person is promoted beyond his/her capabilities. The payoff, sometimes, can be v e r y painful.


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-April 2015 Edition

April 7, 2015

TOUGH SELLING FLOWERS IN INDIANA—The high-pitched screaming between the right and the left over Yes-Discrimination vs. No-Discrimination (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) puts Hoosier Gov. Mike Pence in a very uncomfortable place made worse by his pathetic responses to questions from ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on last Sunday’s newser. Asked by GS “if a florist in Indiana refuses to serve a gay couple on their wedding…is that legal now in Indiana..YES or NO?” Pence did the ‘dance of stupidity’ by answering “there’s been shameless rhetoric about my state and about this law”. Never answered the YES or NO question asked repeatedly by GS. If you watch the interview it was two minutes of an imbecilic guest playing dodge ball with himself. And this guy may want to be President? There is a simple message for Pence and newsmakers like him. Prep for questions you hope you don’t get asked. If you do you’ll avoid the deer-in-the-headlights look which now will always be attached to Gov. Pence. It also helps to tell the truth.

TRIB TAKES A SHOT AT TV( and radio) REPORTERS—In a Tues, March 31st editorial prior to the last debate between Mayor Rahm and Challenger Chuy, the Trib suggests some ‘gifted’ and some not-so-gifted electronic journalists try waiting for answers to their questions about the future of Chicago’s dreadful finances. “When Emanuel and Garcia try to bury you in generalities, politely note that they’re not answering the question. And when they persist in not answering directly, ask the question again. No answer? Ask again. Don’t ask another question”, said the Trib, “until they give you a specific answer.” During the one-hour ‘debate’, neither candidate truly enlightened viewers on solutions to major $$$ issues. You didn’t become a smarter voter by watching Ch 11′s ‘debate’. Which makes one wonder about the number of Chicago electronic (TV and radio) reporters who really do ask TOUGH questions for a living. Can you count them on one hand?Electronic journalism seems to have morphed into a “pictures first then facts” business. Maybe that’s why credibility is heading south.

$300 MILLION AND COUNTING—Lufthansa is now trapped in a lie of its own making. After the crash of its Germanwings flight in the French Alps killing 149, the German carrier trotted out its Chief Executive Carsten Spohr who showed compassion, care and concern for the dead and their loved ones. Spohr said the co-pilot (Andres Lubitz) was qualified to fly. No previous knowledge of his medical history. Then he “found out” from prosecutors that Lubitz has purposely crashed the plane, did have mental problems and that Lufthansa knew in 2009 Lubitz had an episode of ‘severe depression’ and suffered from suicidal tendencies. Why didn’t Lufthansa know anything about Lubitz’ mental health? Spohr joined the airline almost a year ago. He needs to find out fast why the “we know nothing” mentality of his people has put Lufthansa in a major financial pickle ($300 million+ liability claims expected).The TRUTH seems to be in short supply these days. It’s an old remedy but it works!

MOUNTAINEERS SHOW CLASS—Women’s WNIT basketball tourney, West Virginia up by 5 on Villanova with :12 to play, Villanova senior Emily Leer needs a point to make it 1000 in her career. West Va’s coach orders his team to foul Leer. They do and she makes a free throw to hit the magic number.Nice gesture…great payoff. Ms Leer will never forget.


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-December 2014 Edition

December 23, 2014

…Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year…

CRINGE AND BEAR IT—Crisis Management at its worst…the NFL’s Chicago Bears.— Silent ownership, inept front-office leadership, a ‘mousy’ head coach with nothing tangible to say, a ‘franchise’ quarterback who should front an ad for Burma-Shave, a defensive coach whose tactics are offensive, an offensive coach who talks to anyone listening about his ‘uncoachable’ QB. Some things we know about the Hamsters of the Midway…a few more years of this and they’ll become as irrelevant as the Blackhawks before Rocky. And somewhere Sid Luckman is smiling.
When a problem exists…move to solve it quickly and share the solution(s) with your KEY audiences over-and-over again.

RUG SWEEPING IN WINNETKA–Once upon a time, Winnetka School District 36′s Hubbard Woods had a gym teacher named Bill Bricker. Over the years some of the boys and girls Bricker, now 94, came in contact with complained about him being too touchy/feely. Published reports indicate the top ‘educators’ in the district were aware of claims against him as early as 1968. As the Tribune points out “could have 100 children abused”. What did the top ‘educators’ consider? How about “letting sleeping dogs lie” or “statute of limitations” or “no proof.” Wonder if there’s a statue of limitations for educators who bury a “sick” problem because it wouldn’t look good…especially in an affluent community?
Time for SD #36 to step up and do ‘the right thing’. Who allowed Bricker to stay at Hubbard Woods and why?

THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN VOTER–49-year-old MIT economist Jon Gruber, one of the ‘architects’ of Affordable Care, also publicly declared the law passed because of the “huge political advantage” of the legislation’s lacking transparency. And then he referred to the IQ of folks like you and me. Uncle Sam paid him $400,000 for working on health policy computer models. The White House has distanced itself from the wonk and he has apologized, we guess, for being honest.
Scientists have revealed there is no cure for foot-in-big mouth disease. Temporary solution is wide duct tape over the mouth.

ONE QUESTION BILL COSBY HASN’T ANSWERED— ”Mr. Cosby, did you have sexual relations with any or all of those women who have come forward to confront you?”
Denials through Cosby’s lawyers or PR people won’t slow down his free-fall from a popular, public image. Eventually the truth will be told. Hey Bill, better now than later!


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-November 2014 Edition

November 10, 2014

…mid-term election musings…

CASTRATION WITH REPRESENTATION IN D.C.— Iowa Republican Senatorial candidate Joni Ernst proudly proclaimed in her TV ads she grew up a farm girl and knew how to castrate pigs. Who better, she added, to go to the U.S. Senate and ‘cut some pork’. Her Democratic opponent seemed to be flummoxed by the commercial and had no response. Watched it numerous times on Quad-Cities Iowa and Illinois television and wondered whether one of his staffers might have suggested a funny, tongue-in-cheek reply to the Ernst spot. Perhaps to repeat the words of Gen. Tony McAuliffe to the Germans at Bastogne in 1944—
Perhaps a little humor would make the deafening sounds of political commercials a bit more palatable and help make some of the candidates appear more life-like.

WINNING AND LOSING WITH CLASS— One of his political advisers should have taken Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn aside late on election night and said: “Governor, you’re losing by 150,000-plus votes to Bruce Rauner and we can’t win. You should give him a call and congratulate him and then publicly concede a tough race.” Quinn,however, played the “we have to wait until the last vote is counted” card and refused to admit losing. The next day, after the deficit grew to 170,000-plus votes Quinn quit. He won one of Illinois’ 102 counties—Cook. Quinn will be remembered, by many, as an accidental governor thanks to jailbird Rod Blago.
Easy to win with class but tougher to lose with class. Perception trumps reality again. Quinn exits stage left as a sore loser.

ILLINOIS CHECKS+BALANCES=0— Republican Governor in Springfield, Democratic House in Springfield, Democratic Senate in Springfield. The Governor can veto a bill but the Democrats can override his veto. Would you bet that any meaningful legislation can be passed into law in the next four years? Ask Vegas for the odds. And while you’re at it, ask the odds makers how many states have co-governors? The smart ones will say “just Illinois—Madigan and Rauner.”
The gerrymandering of Illinois legislative districts has made it VERY difficult for anyone but the incumbent to get elected. So who won this mid-term election?



MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-October Edition

October 1, 2014

WATSON NEEDED SHERLOCK TO FIND ANSWERSThe Ryder Cup is to golf what the Super Bowl is to football. The U.S. team has lost eight of the last 10 matches to Europe. It’s refreshing when a player of stature (Phil Mickelson) openly questioned Captain Tom Watson’s lack of communication and his off-and-on again match strategy. Europe’s team looked like a band of brothers…the U.S. like guys paired together at a Gleneagles, Scotland charity outing (site of the latest match). The criticism was awkward coming at a post-match news conference and put Watson on the defensive. Was it good for American golf? Only time will tell. Speaking the truth is usually the first communications step in solving a crisis. Once you admit there is a problem you can start the process of finding a solution. In this case “touchy-feely” may make more sense than “just get the job done”.

LISTENING HAS BECOME A RARE SKILLCheck it out. An over abundance of programs that teach people to speak but VERY few on how to listen more effectively. A WSJ column says, after a 1987 study of conversational recall, only about 10% of what was said in a face-to-face conversation could be remembered after a brief distraction. The article points out a major obstacle to listening is a tendency to filter and judge others’ talk based on pre-existing assumptions, expectations and intentions. Finally in 2006 a study of college students showed they spent about 24% of their time listening to others face-to-face or in groups down from 53% in 1980 when a comparative study was conducted. Maybe we need to change the way we react/respond in a workplace world where talking is more valued than listening.

WILL GOODELL TRIUMPH OVER EVILNFL commish Roger (aka The Dodger) Goddell presides over a multi-billion dollar biz that trumpets a physical and mental “beat-down” of opponents every week. The Dodger avoids direct and honest answers to questions about what to do about beat-downs of women and abuse of little kids. Why? Seems simple to some. He’s being paid $44 million a year to be neither a good listener (see above) or a good talker. Intrepid journalists should be talking to team owners like Virginia McCaskey who pay Rog. Seen any stories like that lately? If you want answers go to the source of a problem. Isn’t that the essence of good/great reporting?

CAPTAIN DEREK LIKE JOLTIN JOE HAS LEFT AND GONE AWAYClass, dignity and baseball accomplishments. How did these guys make it through the thicket of sports cynicism much more prevalent today than yesteryear? Simply by being quiet on and off the field. The impressive numbers tell their stories of overwhelming success. They both stayed very real in a world where putting a jock on a pedestal and tearing him down is blood sport. Just a good Kalamazoo kid whose parents taught him important values.


MEDIASTRAIGHTalk-August 2014 Edition

August 26, 2014

OLD-FASHIONED NEWS COVERAGE STILL COUNTSThe demise of David Gregory as host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” came as no surprise to those newsers who still have a medium-to-long attention span and crave experts who can actually provide insight and depth to a national or international story. Gregory’s lack of heft, mediocre to lousy guests and inability to ask pertinent questions plummeted MTP from a #1 to a #3. His replacement? Chuck Todd along with other new faces according to NBC News President Deborah Turness. And, of course, the usual blather follows a change. “We have some exciting plans to evolve (?) and update the broadcast under Chuck’s leadership,” Turness said. The answer to success of a Sunday morning talk show may come from a white-haired smiling old news reporter, Bob Schieffer who hosts CBS’ “Face the Nation”. He’s been chatting with all kinds of insiders and outsiders on this who-what-where-why-when and how simple format for 23+ years. Oh, by the way, the show does well among 25-54 viewers too, according to Nielsen. Schieffer, in a Variety interview, didn’t see any reason to add show segments or incorporate tweets into the program. “If you are trying to get behind the headlines,” Schieffer says, “I think the way you do that is by sitting people down in a calm way and talking to them. We still try to do do what they did on the first show: Figure out what the topical news of the is and try to get the key players in front of the camera and sit them down and ask them questions. It’s not much more complicated than that.” For news-makers who want to do media: Ask yourself “what would I ask if I was the reporter?”– Do I have stories/examples to share with the audience? Am I prepared to tell the truth? Do I have a KEY MESSAGE?

IF IT LOOKS LIKE A PIG AND SMELLS LIKE A PIGNotre Dame’s football mavens have added new ‘stuff’ to the smothering political correctness of the 21st century. Players who didn’t do college work but turned it in as if they did. A president and athletic director who call it ‘academic dishonesty’ instead of what it really is—CHEATING. ND’s president said an ongoing investigation wasn’t an “athletic issue”. What kind of an issue is it? What’s more important—going for a national football title or a univer$ity’s integrity in 2014? We’re waiting for your PC answer.

GM OPPOSES PLAIN ENGLISH FOR SAFETY REASONSSixty-nine words that GM engineers were told not to use by its legal eagles when discussing product safety. Here are some: asphyxiating, death trap, disemboweling, powder keg. Instead use watered down stuff like ‘does not perform to design’ instead of defect and ‘condition’ instead of problem. Understandable because GM is still deeply involved in WHAT DID IT KNOW AND WHEN DID IT KNOW ABOUT about serious defects in a number of GM vehicles that resulted in deaths and injuries. U. of Michigan Business School Prof. Dana Muir says “ the best way to balance the goal of communicating clearly while also avoiding future regulatory or legal trouble is to use factual statements to describe issues.” And we would add—be careful of what you say on social media. It can come back to bite you.